Welcome! I am a biologist in the Department of Evolutionary Biology & Systematic Zoology at the University of Potsdam, in the group of Prof. Dr. Ralph Tiedemann.

Alice Dennis

I am interested in adaptive evolution and its broad impact on species occurrence. I work mostly with non-model invertebrate taxa, including snails, parasitoid wasps, and stick insects. In these taxa, I am interested in the ecological consequences of trait variation and in how these contribute to geographical range and larger biodiversity patterns. My work focuses on the molecular basis of variation, but I integrate this with physiological comparisons, microhabitat monitoring, and spatial surveys.

I completed my PhD in 2010 at Louisiana State University, where I was a member of the Hellberg Lab. Following that, I worked as a postdoc first with Thomas Buckley at Landcare Research in Auckland, New Zealand and second with Christoph Vorburger at ETH Zurich and EAWAG. My work has taken me to some pretty amazing places and I have worked with a diverse group of fascinating organisms. Please see my research page for more information about my current and past projects.

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